Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Trespassing CXI

Mike Case, who has provided us with interesting detailed descriptions of his adventures on the North Fork with his son Jason, wrote the following to The Cedars' Ted Beedy, re trespassing:

Mr. Beedy, my name is Mike Case and I'm from Alaska. My son and I have been making the trip between Euchre Bar and the Iowa Hill bridge for several years now. It started as a challenge but has evolved into a time when my son and I can spend much needed quality time together. We pack in about 75 lbs. of gear and spend a lovely 2 weeks lining small 3 man rafts through the canyons and gorges on down to the bridge. It is one of the loveliest places on earth. I would love to someday see the upper North Fork country, but people such as yourself seem bent on keeping good decent folks like myself and my son out, because we are not part of you sacred little group. I am convinced it is because of people like yourself who lock up the most beautiful places from others, that has given Californians a bad name. Many times when I tell others about my trips down the river, their first reply is "California? Why on earth would you want to spend a vacation there among the smog, people, and no tresspassing signs for?" I wonder Mr. Beedy, did the good Lord make the upper North Fork just for you and your group? What makes you so good in your own eyes as to keep everyone else out? I can understand wanting to keep people from leaving trash, but to banish EVERYONE? I don't understand it. I can only relate it to a place near where I live here in Alaska. The duck and goose hunting is great there, and always has been. People have been hunting there for years. But back in 71 a college professor bought it and managed to keep everyone else out, except those in his own persnickity little group who had masters and doctorate degrees. The whole town got tired of it several years ago and although we could do nothing legally, we put enough negative pressure on the guy that he finally relented and moved away. Perhaps thats what the decent people in the North Fork area should be doing with you and your group. If you could somehow explain to me why you see only you and your group good enough to be able to enjoy one of Gods best creations, and keep everyone else out, I would sure appreciate knowing. We had a saying in Alaska during the construction of the Trans Alaska Pipeline that went like this: "happiness is seeing 10,000 Texans headed south with an Okie under each arm." Perhaps happiness along the upper North Fork would be seeing you and your group not being so full of yourselves, and letting other good people enjoy what God has created for everyone, not just you. Sincerely, Mike Case

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