Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Gold Run Diggings: sold?

This morning I heard a rumor that the 800 acres of private land in the Gold Run Diggings, which includes some parcels outside the Diggings, for instance, a 72-acre parcel containing the historic Canyon Creek Trail, has sold, to a private party.

This 800 acres belongs to a group called Gold Run Properties (GRP).

Wishing to learn the truth, I called one of the general partners of GRP this morning. This is what he said:

1. After listing the 800 acres for several years with one realtor, without results, GRP changed to a "realtor in Nevada City, affiliated with a brokerage in Reno."

2. A couple, or several, offers have been received since then:

a) Someone interested in mining gold on the property.
b) Someone who imagined making a private campground with private trails.
c) Someone interested in owning the property as their own private "reserve."

3. Apparently the most credible offer is from party (c). GRP has made a counter-offer. They have not (yet) entered escrow.

Such is what I learned. It looks like bad news but, nothing is written in stone--yet.

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