Monday, November 29, 2004

Euchre Bar Trail, New Damage

Tom Martin of Alta wrote:

"I hiked to Euchre Bar Trail from Green Valley on November 26 and noticed
tractor-like tracks similar to those tracks observed earlier in the year.
By the time I reached the old Cosby (sp) residence, the noise from the
vehicles became quite noticeable. I stood on the concrete apron and watched
two ATVs pass. It appeared that the vehicles had 2005 tags.

"I followed their tracks across the bridge to the trail leading to Dorer
Ranch. They had turned around where the old downed log is located near the
summit of the first rise.

"I went back to the residence site to eat lunch where I met a couple hiking
down from Iron Point. When I asked if they had seen two ATVs, they answered
that a pickup pulling a trailer with two ATVs passed them at the second
railroad crossing.

"The ATVs displaced several large boulders at several switchbacks."

This makes the second time, at least, in 2004, when OHV's of some sort have damaged the Euchre Bar Trail. The first time they seemed to have entered by going around the Dorer Ranch gate, at the head of the Euchre Bar Trail on the Foresthill side of things. This time they went in directly from Iron Point. Some kind of special barrier should be erected each trailhead.

If anyone else knows of OHV incursions on foot trails I would be very glad to hear about it.

Although CDF promised, on November 3, to send me the timber harvest plans for the area out by Four Horse Flat (near Loch Leven lakes), where recent damage to the Big Granite Trail occurred (thanks to Tom Martin and Julie)--no documents have been received. The public comment period will probably be over before I even see these documents, at this rate.

Oh well, I'll get on the phone and try to bust the documents loose, somehow.

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