Friday, September 23, 2005

Lost Camp Logging?

The word is that helicopter logging is underway "near Blue Canyon" and I interpret this to mean, on the 590-acre Siller Bros. lumber company lands spanning the historic townsite of Lost Camp.

Several steep-sided canyons cross the property, including Blue Canyon and Fulda Creek, where timber was never harvested before, because it was too difficult to build roads into the canyons. Hence, wonderful, huge, ancient trees grew scatteringly on the steep slopes.

They are being cut down right now. Strange, isn't it, that in an area which was already too heavily logged, again and again in the past, the last big trees are being taken, in the year 2005?

Meanwhile, on the uplands between these canyons a far more destructive harvest likely is also in progress. Letters we wrote to CDF about the Siller Bros. Timber Harvest Plan, a couple years ago, did have one positive result: the historic China Trail would not be used as a bulldozer skid trail, and slash would be removed from the trail when logging ended.

I haven't been up to Lost Camp to see for myself, yet.

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