Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Erratum; OHV Survey

In The Elusive Boschniakia, I mistakenly named the closed-cone pines a subfamily of the Pinaceae, when I should have said, they form one of several "sub-genera" of the genus Pinus itself.


Several of you have forwarded the following to me, suggesting that I should share it with North Fork Trails. The gist of the thing is, that Tahoe National Forest (TNF) is studying its OHV trail system. This multi-year process will result in a Forest Order limiting OHV use to some yet-to-be-determined subset of TNF roads and trails.

Note the "OHV link"; if you wish, follow the link to an online questionnaire. I used the questionnaire to express my own wish for wild areas and open spaces in which to hike and explore and camp, free from motorized vehicles. I suggested that OHV use must be severely limited, and that TNF should restore the very historic public trails it has (bizarrely) allowed to be destroyed in the course of timber harvests; and I suggested that very much land acquisition is necessary, to protect our open spaces, wildlands, and public access to these open spaces and wildlands.

uninteresting. We are also asking for users' input regarding non-motorized
trail criteria as well. Please take a look at the questions via the
following link and submit your suggestions. This will help us validate our
set of assumptions regarding recreational trails on the Forest. It would
be most helpful, if you could answer the questions by the end of May. This
should not take too much time and your thoughts would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks for your help!

OHV link:

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