Thursday, August 14, 2003

I spoke with Peter Elias of Nevada City at length yesterday. Peter has been monitoring THPs in the South Yuba and overall Yuba basin for a while now, offering comments to CDF, etc. He reports very little success in modifying THPs, and an all-around lack of interest by local conservation organizations, partly because anyone who has tried knows that it is about impossible to stop a THP. Peter said the really dedicated folks over in the Mendocino area carefully constuct written comments to CDF on any THP so that the groundwork is properly laid for subsequent legal action.

Catherine O'Riley sent the following letter to CDF re the Lost Camp THP:

August 13, 2003

William Schultz
6105 Airport Road
Redding, CA 96002

re: Timber Harvest Plan 2-03-040-PLA

Dear Mr. Schultz:

I am a concerned citizen who hikes extensively
throughout the North Fork American River Canyons.
It has come to my attention that there will be a
timber harvest in the Lost Camp area. I enjoy
walking down what is known as the China Trail out
of Lost Camp and continuing upstream past Texas
and Fulda Canyons. This timber harvest concerns
me on many levels.

First of all, it appears that most of the large
and medium sized trees will be cut down leaving a
plethora of small trees that will foster future
fuel loading. Further, I believe that it is
unconscionable to cut down old growth trees and
that these trees should be spared. At the very
least, a buffer of trees along the access road to
the trail and along the trail itself should not
be cut down.

Considering that the timber harvest includes
portions of the steep and rugged Blue, Texas and
Fulda Canyons it seems likely that erosion will
ensue which will negatively impact the wild and
scenic qualities of the North Fork American

There is no doubt that this area is of historic
and archaeologic interest. Yet, the
archeological report is not available to the
general public. I would like to have this report
made available to me and, if it is incomplete, to
have a new archeological study undertaken.

Recently I visited the North Fork American River
via the China Trail and noticed thousands upon
thousand of ladybugs. What about the impacts on
them, as well as the Foothill Yellow-legged
Frogs, goshawks and numerous other animals living
in the area who will loose their habitat?

I was heartened to see some flagging along the
Trail indicating that it is, indeed, a trail. It
would be shameful to destroy one of the best kept
trails that I have been on in the North Fork when
so many other old historic trails have been
obliterated by logging operations.

In regard to the proposed new logging roads, it
seems that there are ample existing roads on
which to transport the dead trees. I suggest
that you use these or remove the trees by

As a private landowner I can appreciate the right
to do as one chooses with their land. However,
sometimes we must consider how our actions will
impact life around us and the future of the
planet on the whole. After all, we have our
national heritage to protect and preserve for
future generations.

Finally, would you please extend the comment
period so that other concerned citizens can
respond to this harvest.

Thank you for considering my comments.


Catherine O'Riley

That's a good one!

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