Friday, August 8, 2003

Lost Camp THP Breaking News

I have this, from a good source:

CDF reports that, as a result of the 2 comment letters they've received on
this THP raising concerns relative to the plan's impact on historical and
archeological resources, the public comment period is remaining open

In response to these two public comment letters (presumbably one of them is
Russell's), CDF has (1) requested the RPF that prepared the THP to respond;
and (2) assigned its inhouse archeologist from Redding to investigate for
the presence of archeological and historic sites, and how the proposed plan
would affect these resources.

I think Russell's efforts are having an impact, although it is unclear how
long CDF will keep the public comment period open.

Also, Jim Ricker has found, in recent conversations with CDF officials, that the public comment period is expected to remain open for as many as ten more days.

If anyone wishes to see Lost Camp and hike the China Trail, let's meet tomorrow, Saturday, 10 a.m., at the Alta Store, north of the Alta exit on I-80.

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