Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Lost Camp THP obtained

I drove to Auburn and picked up the Timber Harvest Plan for Lost Camp, from CDF.

It is far worse than I had imagined. 590 of the 600 acres owned by Andrew and Sharon Siller will be logged. This includes the lands around the trailhead and first part of the China Trail. Several new roads are to be constructed, including roads which violate ordinary forest practices, since they would be within riparian zones *and* on steep slopes.

The steepest slopes will be helicopter-logged. The rest, tractor-logged. It looks pretty bad.

I am going to Lost Camp tomorrow with Steve Hunter, who has hiked that area for 50 years, to investigate the situation more closely. I hope we find about a million historic archeological sites, 'cause that's what it's going to take.

Tonight I spoke to the CanyonKeepers group in Auburn. They were very nice and I rambled on and on about geology and glaciers.

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